Cosmetic Dentist Stone Mountain

Boost Your Smile, Boost Your Confidence

It is no longer necessary to spend each day unsatisfied with your smile. Dodging photos at family gatherings, avoiding meet and greets with friends, and passing up on lucrative opportunities in the workplace no longer have to be your reality. With cosmetic dentistry in Stone Mountain at Rausch Family Dentistry, we can transform your appearance so that your smile not only gets a boost, but your confidence does as well. Call our dental office to discover what steps you can take to give your teeth and gums the attention they deserve.

Why Choose Rausch Family Dentistry for Cosmetic Dentistry?

  • Beautiful Results Using High-Quality Dental Materials
  • State-of-the-Art Dental Facility with Innovative Technology
  • Serving Stone Mountain Residents Since 1984

Veneers & Lumineers

Stone Mountain cosmetic dentist placing a veneer on a patients front tooth

If you’re looking to conceal imperfections that have formed over the years, we offer veneers and Lumineers. Capable of hiding tooth chips, cracks, stains, minor gaps, and even misaligned teeth, veneers can remain in place for a decade or more, requiring only a small amount of tooth enamel to be removed. If you prefer a less invasive approach that is reversible, there are Lumineers, which are thinner yet offer maximum coverage of flaws.

Metal-Free Dental Restorations

Several white dental crowns and veneers on a tray next to dental mirrors

Living with a dental filling or crown that is visible to others can be embarrassing. This is why we use metal-free restorations to deliver the same great protection but without the unsightly spotlight. With tooth-colored materials that blend in with your existing smile, you can be free to smile as much as you want knowing that your teeth look their best and are safeguarded against future reinfection.

Direct Bonding

Close up of dental patient getting direct bonding on an upper front tooth

Small imperfections can capture unwanted attention if you’re not careful. To avoid embarrassment, you can choose direct bonding to improve the look of your smile. With the help of composite resin – the same material used for tooth-colored fillings – we can apply it to the enamel and sculpt it in place before using a curing light to harden the resin so that it appears perfectly blended.

Teeth Whitening

Dental patient with teeth whitening trays on her teeth

Whiter smiles always capture the attention of others. Whether you’re meeting someone new or preparing for a job interview, having a confident smile can help. This is why we recommend professional teeth whitening. With Zoom in-office treatment, we can enhance your smile’s shade in just one hour. With Zoom and Opalescence take-home kits, you can expect to see beautiful results in as little as two weeks.